Lika Star

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It had already been a fantastic vacation for college friends Lika Star (aka Masha), Alecia and Eveline. They had spent two weeks sightseeing, hitting the local clubs, soaking up the sun and getting... Read more
15 min Lika Star & Eveline Dellai & Alecia Fox 24 December, 2019
5K 2700p
Sexy teen Lika Star (aka Masha) has her hot friend Alecia Fox over for the weekend. The girls enjoy breakfast while Lika's stepmother Georgie and stepbrother are in the kitchen. Alecia has always... Read more
46 min Georgie Lyall & Alecia Fox & Lika Star 13 December, 2019
5K 2700p
Pretty teen blonde Lika Star (aka Masha) loves taking vacations with her family. They have a gorgeous summer home with a huge pool. During the day, her mother loves to shop and her father spends his... Read more
10 min Lika Star 07 November, 2019
5K 2700p
Lika Star (aka Masha) loved spending time with her cute friend Alecia Fox. They got along well and a lot in common, but mostly Lika liked hanging out with Alecia to relax in the pool. Having a friend... Read more
35 min Alecia Fox & Lika Star 25 October, 2019
5K 2700p
Pretty blonde Masha (aka Lika Star) has been feeling a little neglected by her boyfriend lately. He is so busy work that he just comes home and collapses on the couch every night. She misses going... Read more
10 min Lika Star 19 September, 2019
5K 2700p
Sexy young Lika Star (aka Masha) is hot and she knows it. Everyone knows. In fact, she has caught her new stepfather noticing her cute, tight body around the house. Lika Star doesn't mind. In fact... Read more
35 min Lika Star 10 September, 2019
The adorable blonde schoolgirl Masha (aka Lika Star) was studying for a very important biology exam when she felt the heat rising up in her body. No wonder she felt that, after all, she was studying... Read more
13 min Lika Star 26 December, 2017
My adorable blonde step daughter Lika Star (aka Masha) has always dreamed of mastering the art of massaging and opening her very own massage parlor. So, naturally, wanting to make her happy, I paid... Read more
26 min Lika Star 15 December, 2017
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