Sapphire Astrea has been paying her university tuition by live VR streaming her daily life. She has developed a strong online following as her shows have become more risque.

The shows have become so popular that she has fans sending her new outfits for her to try on live on camera. Today's special garment is a sexy red lingerie set and a matching tiny party dress. With her fans watching, she slips out of her normal black dress and into the new lingerie and short dress. While she is teasing the live audience, Sapphire catches her stepbrother watching from the doorway. Intrigued, she continues the show, looking right at you and watching your dick grow hard in your jeans as she shows off her big firm tits. You shock her by taking your dick out of and stroking it. She never imagined it would be so big and hard for her. Her fans have been begging to see some boy/girl action and faced with such an impressive tool, she decides that now is the time to give her fans what they want while also giving her stepbrother what he clearly desires. She grabs your cock and slips it between her lips. Slipping out of her new outfit, she bends over and invites you to slide into her from behind. It is a tight fit, but you both enjoy the way your meat stretches her as inch after inch fills her horny hole. As more and more fans join the VR porn live feed, you pound her pussy, making her scream for you to go even faster. Knowing how many people are watching, pushes her over the edge and she is so busy cumming on your big dick that she doesn't pull him off in time. Your load fills her pussy and she knows that she has a favorite co-star for her future live fucks.

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