On the last day of the semester, Scarlett Jones sits in class with her two best friends Lilly Bella and Kylie Green. The close seems to be stuck and the day is just dragging.

They can’t wait to be done and hit the beach for three months of sun, sand, and lots of VR porn movies. Bored, they realize that they are alone in the classroom with their handsome professor. Surely there has to be something more interesting to do than just watch the minutes tick by. They decide to see if you like blondes, brunettes or redheads better. You try to stay professional as the girls begin to tease you. It isn’t easy as the three young ladies remind you so much of the gorgeous models you watch when enjoying VR Porn alone. Blonde Lilly tries first, but you manage to avoid eye contact and keep lecturing. Busty redhead Scarlett pulls out the big guns, slipping a pen between her tits. That does the trick and you call her to the front of the class so you can lift her skirt to find she isn’t wearing any panties. Scarlett has more to show you and crawls under the desk, followed immediately by her two friends. It is a fantasy come true for you as they line up in front of you and show off their firm young bodies. You have a big cock and they all need a taste. The girls want to play a game and make you close your eyes. Can you tell a blonde pussy from a brunette or a ginger just from the way it feels on your big boner. You try and have no idea who you are fucking, but it doesn’t matter. They are all hot, tight and ready to get banged from every angle. The girls get on their knees to suck you off, but before you cum, they make you promise to give them all A’s in your class. This is a deal you are happy to accept.

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