Sia Siberia and her best friend Mia Delphy have been having fun live streaming their VR game play lately. They have been getting offers for tips if they make their steam a little sexier.

Dressed in cute kitty outfits and openly flirting with their viewers, they quickly gain a growing audience. All the guys seemed more interested in seeing the girls put on a VR Porn show than gaming. As their numbers climbed, the horny guys watching wanted to see more of these cute gamer girls. Their adorable kitty ears and paw socks drive the viewers crazy as they get more risqué. They are more than fine showing a little more skin as long as the guys were willing to send bigger tips. The audience grows as they play at ahegao and kiss each other. As the requests get more sexual, the girls insist on more money. Sia is finding it hard to resist getting a peek at her cute teen friend’s tiny titties. Unable to control themselves any longer, Sia and Mia strip off their panties and start using their game controllers as sex toys to rev up their horny slits. Games are fun, but fingers are even better for really getting wet and dirty. Forgetting all about the audience and even the money rolling in, the horny teens finger themselves to simultaneous orgasms. By the time they come down from their climax, the girls realize that their audience has tripled and the money is pouring in. It’s time for something even hotter next time.

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